Day one of Dan's Diet

Day one of Dan's Diet
Belly must go

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's June 12, 2013 day one of my diet that will include taking a new weight-management pill called BELVIQ.
It's now available throughout the US at pharmacies like CVS RITE AID WALGREENS.
It is a prescription that your health care professional must write. Check out for more info.

As a way of chronicling this experience I am creating this blog to track my progress. Many will have questions about how well this drug works so I thought I would open this up for discussion.

So I am overweight, my BMI is at 31 and I also have high blood pressure. My doctor after I presented the information on this drug over 4 mos ago prescribed the drug this week after my requesting it. He is not knowledgeable of this drug as it was approved by FDA last June but the DEA has held it up in what is nothing short of bureaucratic nonsense. He's the kind of doctor that want others to try it before venturing to prescribe medicine. Anyway it only became available June 11, 2013 so we will try it for the next 30 days and I will see him for an evaluation and if all is well continue to prescribe it.

The pill by itself is not magical but maybe it is effective in signalling to the brain that you are satisfied and thus stop eating TOO much.  So today was the first day and it seems to work in just that way. I ate a small salad and started eating my main course when I just mentally felt full so I stopped eating. I have not had any side effects so far.

So I have been busy at work and sweating a lot with the heat and I drink lots of fluids. I need to get into an exercise mode so that I can actually started toning the body.
That's it for today's blog.


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  1. Day 2, I have taken 2 of the Belviq pills today.
    Staying on the low carb diet. Still no side effects to speak of and I have not had hunger issues but I have had 3 meals today.I read today in order to lose 40 lbs in 3 mos I would need to maintain a 1500 calorie per day. I need to decide what exercise plan I can add to my daily routine. I have a bike and I do have a treadmill. Well another day and things are still doing well.